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Shipping Process

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How you can pay less freight & duty


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Local Pick Ups


The container is cleared and duty paid way before the container reaches Zimbabwe.

Zimtransit prepares a commer-cial invoice that incorporates all the detail list sent by clients, and receives the Bill of Lading & Freight invoice from the shipping company.

These documents are sent to ZIMRA. ZIMRA will use these documents to calculate the customs duty, once the custom is calculated, Zimtransit prepares customs invoices and send them to the clients.

When the container reaches Zimbabwe, ZIMRA does a physical inspection to ascertain that all the items in the container have been declared fully   before releasing the container.

A pick up service is available around Sydney metropolitan, please make arrangements for pick if you cannot deliver your goods to us.  A once of truck will be available for a Canberra pickup if there are enough goods to warrant a pickup.

Pack your items as tightly as possible in the box to prevent shifting and damage. You also do not want to pay for an empty space.

Avoid putting everything in one big heavy box, heavy boxes are more likely to be placed at the bottom of the container, hence fragile items within the box may get damaged.

Disassemble if possible - it takes up less space hence less expensive. The following will pay less duty if dissembled

     - Furniture e.g Beds, Cabinets, Shelfs etc
If sending fridges put small things inside the fridge - these will not be freight chargeable if inside the fridge

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There is a container to Zimbabwe scheduled to depart soon . Please contact us as soon as possible - we are now taking goods for this container  

Ring us on 0405481032 and arrange for a pick up or enquiries